New Research Probes Natural, Organic Meat Consumer Perceptions

Midan Marketing’s latest consumer research study, “Today’s Natural vs. Organic Fresh Meat Consumer,” takes an in-depth look at consumer perceptions and purchase drivers of natural and organic fresh meat products.

Billed as the first study of its kind to look at the differences between fresh meat consumers as distinct groups, including segment data by protein category, Midan Marketing surveyed 500 meat consumers in November 2013 to better understand the attitudes and behaviors of current natural and organic fresh meat purchasers, as well as the barriers to purchase among those consumers who do not buy natural or organic fresh meat.

According to the survey, purchasers of natural and organic fresh meat are very satisfied and interested in buying more, a sign of strong product loyalty and future category growth. However, most of these consumers still don’t have a clear understanding of what the terms “natural” and “organic” mean.

“Today, we’re hearing a myriad of buzzwords like natural, sustainable, wholesome and simple, to communicate product health benefits to consumers,” said Michael Uetz, principal at Midan Marketing. “However, we might be doing ourselves a disservice by using these terms without properly explaining or defining them, and as a result, confusing our consumers. If you have a natural and/or organic program or are thinking about offering products in these categories,” Uetz noted, “this research report will help you better understand your target consumer, and the best ways to engage and educate them.”

The research report is available for purchase at

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