New Mobile App Measures Brand Touchpoints in Real-time

Market research company Ipsos ASI is looking to put brand research in the hands of consumers with the launch of Brand Shout, a new smartphone app that allows brands to better understand real-time reactions to their advertising and brand experiences.

“Smartphones are changing our habits and behaviors in increasingly significant ways and as penetration now exceeds 50 percent in western markets, this is the time for mobile research to move to center stage,” says Phil Shaw, head of digital with London-based Ipsos ASI. “Our phones are always on and always with us, which makes the Ipsos ASI Brand Shout smartphone app the perfect way to understand experiences as they happen in real-time.”

Brand Shout enables advertisers to understand and optimize touchpoint exposure by measuring:

  • In-the-moment reaction, including emotional response and effect on brand perceptions, including advertising, social media, experiential and point-of-sale before they're post-rationalized
  • The motivations that drive purchase in-store, on-site or online -- at the very moment those choices are made
  • The power and influence of word-of-mouth

“Brand Shout measures reaction to brand touchpoints in the moment and gets us closer to understanding how advertising impacts people at the point it’s received and why people make the choices they do, at the very moment they make them,” adds Gerry Hahlo, director of global tracking with Ipsos ASI.

Ipsos delivers insights across six research specializations: advertising, customer loyalty, marketing, media, public affairs research and survey management.

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