New Entrant in AI Market Aims to Help Grocers Reduce Food Waste

Predictive vision platform from European startup Cognitiwe also touted for fraud detection
Lynn Petrak
Senior Editor
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Cognitwe founders
Cognitiwe, which offers a predictive vision AI platform, was founded by Mete Bayrak (L) and Attila Algan (R).

AI startup Cognitiwe is out with a predictive vision AI platform designed to prevent food waste by monitoring the freshness of fruits and vegetables at retail produce departments. According to the Estonian company, the AI solution can be used to determine the environmental footprint of the retail industry’s food waste, including the amount of prevented waste.  

Beyond quality control and slashed food waste, the system offers other benefits to retailers. Users can get more details on shelf stock and leverage the platform for planogram analysis.

Cognitiwe also added features to aid with fraud detection. The AI product is designed to help stem financial losses that occur as a result of mis-scans or walk-offs at grocery checkouts and self-service payment points.

The platform can be integrated with existing IP cameras and is cloud based, making it easier for retailers to incorporate the technology into their current operations, say company officials. “Above all, by providing real-time and predictive data, we help retail and manufacturing industries to reduce risks, prevent loss and improve quality,” said co-founder Mete Bayrak.

Added co-founder Attila Algan: “Thanks to data from deep learning algorithms deployed on manufacturing production lines, we will achieve materials, time and energy savings that contribute to greater sustainability.”

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