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New Destination Launches for Values-Driven Shoppers

New Destination Launches for Values-Driven Shoppers Hive Sustainablity Social Good
88 Acres is among the more than 100 other brands sold on Hive, a new online marketplace featuring small and large brands dedicated to upholding the values of sustainability and social responsibility.

Hive, an online marketplace for values-driven grocery brands, has officially launched. The site offers a collection of large and small curated brands united by their firm commitment to sustainability and social good.

“Hive is creating a new path forward for the grocery and retail industries, at large,” said Scott Morris, co-founder and chairman of New York-based Hive. “Global concerns like climate change, social inequality and food waste are front and center for consumers now more than ever, yet traditional retail has failed to adapt. Sustainability is more than just a footnote at Hive, it is a core ideology. We have created a destination that brings conscious brands and like-minded consumers together, making it possible to shop by values and make a positive impact at the same time.”

All brands and products featured on the site are guided by the Hive Five, a set of curation criteria advancing rave-worthiness (high quality), low-impact ingredients, environmentally friendly packaging, low carbon footprint, and a commitment to social good. The standard saves site users the time and effort involved in researching and vetting brands, resulting in a convenient, accessible and trustworthy shopping experience.

“We are proud to join Hive and be a part of an incredible network of brands,” noted Abby Noel Davison, of Amsterdam-based Tony’s Chocolonely, a Hive brand partner along with Maine’s Grains, 88 Acres, Bjorn Qorn and more than 100 other brands. “At Tony’s, we are working to push the industry to be better and highlight the pervasive problems of chocolate from broken supply chains and sourcing to child labor practices and low wages. We are excited to have a partner that shares our mission-driven ethos and passion for education, connecting us to a larger community of shoppers that live and breathe our brand values.” 

“With our focus on commerce for good and building equitable partnerships, Hive will revolutionize the world of online grocery,” observed Hive co-founder and CEO Thomas Ellis, co-founder and CEO of Hive. “Our mission is to guide consumers towards a more sustainable shopping experience, without compromise. Hive’s ecosystem makes it easier than ever for consumers to buy and support exceptional, delicious products that make a positive impact on our world.”

No membership fee or subscription is required to shop via Hive.

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