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Natural Grocers Won’t Sell GM Salmon

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage has joined the ranks of retailers that won’t sell genetically modified (GM) salmon or any product made from GM salmon. The Lakewood, Colo.-based company’s decision comes in the wake of the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the sale of GM salmon to U.S. consumers without any labeling requirements.

According to Natural Grocers, its decision not to carry GM salmon stores “aligns with the company’s strict quality standards and commitment to environmental sustainability.” The grocer further pointed out that the nutritional profile of the fish could be adversely affected by its being farmed in tanks and pens.

“Comparing the nutritional value of GM salmon to farm-raised salmon is like comparing the nutritional value of a donut to a cupcake,” noted Dr. Jonathan Clinthorne, nutrition education specialist at Natural Grocers. “There is a substantial amount of research indicating that farm-raised salmon is inferior to wild-caught salmon from a nutritional standpoint.”

Natural Grocers has posted a detailed explanation of its policy in regard to GM salmon on its website.

Other retailers that have decided against carrying GM salmon include Hy-Vee, Walmart and Costco.

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage employs 2,700 employees at more than 100 stores in 18 states.

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