Nasoya Aims to Win Tofu Converts

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Nasoya Aims to Win Tofu Converts


U.S. tofu lovers have a chance to bring wary friends and family members into the fermented bean-curd fold with the Nasoya Tofu U Open Enrollment Challenge. The leading brand of tofu is encouraging home cooks to share the quirkiest ways they’ve persuaded diehard meat-eaters and other tofu avoiders to try it, for the chance to win $1,000.

“Tofu eaters can be pretty passionate about their soy, so we want to see the wackiest, funniest and craziest things they’ve done to get others on the bandwagon,” said Susan Rolnick, VP of marketing at Ayer, Mass.-based Nasoya. “For those in the know, tofu is an easy, versatile ingredient. Those who don't eat it are usually afraid to try it, which is why we launched Tofu U Open Enrollment.”

Tofu evangelists can enter the Nasoya Tofu U Open Enrollment contest in two ways:

  • The Nasoya Facebook Page: Those who “Like” Nasoya on Facebook can enter their funniest stories via the tab marked “Open Enrollment contest.” Fans wishing to upload photo or video entries can do so on their own Facebook profile pages by tagging Nasoya.
  • @Nasoya on Twitter: Fans can Tweet entries to Nasoya by replying @Nasoya in a message including their story, photo or video and the hash tag #TofuU.

Open Enrollment is the latest offering from Nasoya's Tofu U (, a “virtual campus” on the brand’s website to educate consumers about tofu. Through consumer research, Nasoya found that although consumers are interested in tofu’s culinary and nutritional benefits, they’re unsure how to prepare it. Tofu U demystifies the versatile protein through a comprehensive collection of how-to video tips; simple, healthy recipes; coupons; games; and more.

The brand also recently introduced Super Firm Organic Sprouted Tofu, its first tofu product to feature pre-pressed “vac-pack” technology. The new consumer-friendly size has an easy-open tab in the corner of the package.