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Musco Family Olive Co. 100% California Grown Ripe Olives

As the only 100% California-owned, family-run olive business in America, the Musco Family Olive Company is known for outstanding, uncompromising quality. Our black ripe olives are sourced from over 450 California growers — each one a valued member of our extended family. Our process is completely transparent, resulting in consistently superior-quality olives from tree to table. Hand-picked and hand-sorted, our 100% California-grown Manzanilla olives have a delectable buttery flavor. Our seven-day, slow-cure process creates gorgeous olives that are a deep, rich black on the outside and nutty brown on the inside, resulting in the best tasting olives you can buy. Our unique California curing process removes the bitterness and gives our olives their smooth, savory flavor, provides the right amount of texture, and produces a rich black exterior and a nutty brown interior.

Nearly 80 years later, we’re still proud to call California home. We’re investing in the future of California farmers, their families, and the thousands of American jobs that bring olives from inland valley orchards to pantries across America. Our California roots are deep, and our hope is that our collective efforts will bear fruit for generations to come.

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