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MOM’s Organic Market CEO Calls for Revised Food-Dating Regulations

MOM’s Organic Market CEO Calls for Revised Food Dating Regulations
MOM's Organic Market CEO Scott Nash shared an image of a humorous refrigerator magnet to illustrate a blog post on the need to overhaul food-dating regulations

After chronicling his consumption for more than a year of foods whose expiration dates had passed, MOM’s Organic Market CEO Scott Nash is calling for the government to change its approach to food-dating regulations.

In a recent blog post, Nash contended that vague and variable dating practices have led to confusion and waste. In fact, he noted that readers “wouldn’t believe the amount of items that are returned by customers or thrown away because of a rather arbitrary date (even donated food is required to not be past date at some food banks).”

The solution? “The food product-dating system for food (and nonedible goods) needs to be revised,” wrote Nash, who routinely eats foods past their expiration dates. “Consistency in labeling (use one term for quality such as ‘best by’ or ‘for best quality, use by,’ and another term for food safety such as ‘expires by’) would create clarity. And these dates need to be set to match reality. Some items don’t need a date at all – like salt, canned goods and baby wipes.

He ended his post by exhorting consumers to “please get informed and change your behavior. We are all responsible for making a difference – and every piece of saved food counts.”

Rockville, Md.-based MOM’s Organic Market operates 19 stores in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

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