Milkadamia Milk Tea

Milkadamia Milk Tea Main Image

The latest offering from Milkadamia is multiserve Milk Tea, a ready-to-drink, lightly sweetened beverage featuring black tea and the brand’s smooth dairy-free milk, made from buttery Australian macadamia nuts that are rich in healthy fats, offer antioxidant compounds, and contain vitamin E and soluble fiber. According to the brand, the popularity of milk tea around the world is increasing exponentially, especially among the highly influential Millennial and Gen Z demographics. Milkadamia’s Milk Tea is the first in the United States to come in cartons rather than unsustainable, cost-ineffective single-serve packaging. The richly layered and complex yet refreshing beverage contains only 100 calories per serving and will be available starting January 2023 at major retailers and clubs, with a suggested retail price of $6.99 per 32-ounce carton. The tea will also be available at foodservice.



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