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Mercatus Offers AisleOne for Ecommerce Personalization

Mercatus Partners with AisleOne for Ecommerce Personalization
AisleOne offers specific recommendations to loyalty customers, aiming to increase customer satisfaction, retention and purchases

Mercatus, a Toronto-based provider of digital commerce solutions for grocery, now includes AisleOne personalization intelligence engine on its retail platform. AisleOne looks at shopper data and behavior, using machine learning and artificial intelligence, to help personalize a customer's online experience. 

“Shoppers expect and appreciate personalization, but grocers don’t always have the data, systems and permissions to drive an effective level of unique interaction,” said Sylvain Perrier, president and CEO of Mercatus. “With AisleOne available as an enhancement to the Mercatus platform, grocers get a scalable solution, powered by a platform with both the transactional inputs and the holistic engagement experience necessary to create a truly personalized experience.”

Individual loyalty customers will have specific catalogs and search results automatically generated from online and in-store inputs. 

The add-on for Mercatus-equipped retailers can work on both desktop and mobile devices, and the platform will be entirely retailer branded and controlled. 

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