Mercato Adds Unlimited Same-Day Delivery Program for Independent Grocers

Mercato Adds Unlimited Same-Day Delivery Program for Independent Grocers
Mercato Green provides customers with ecommerce membership options

Mercato, the online ordering and delivery platform for independent grocers, has introduced a delivery membership program in more than 25 states. Mercato Green allows customers to get unlimited, free, same-day deliveries from their favorite independent grocers or specialty food stores.

The Mercato Green Neighborhood plan covers deliveries up to three miles from the store, and the City plan covers up to 10 miles. Both options come with a 14-day free trial for customers. After that, the Neighborhood plan is $8 per month, billed as a one-time payment of $96 per year, and the City plan is $23 per month, $276 annually. 

“We’re making local grocery delivery more accessible to everyone,” said Mercato Founder and CEO Bobby Brannigan. “We all lead busy lives and time is often our most constrained resource. A simple trip to the grocery store can take an hour, or more, and many people go multiple times a week. Mercato Green helps reduce the time people spend on grocery shopping and increases access to these great stores. Since the monthly cost of the program is around the price of a single grocery delivery, it’s a great value as well.”

Mercato is also adding a pay-it-forward aspect to the new service. It has partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects, and for every order placed by a Mercato Green member, the company will plant a tree. 

San Diego-based Mercato allows independent grocers to throttle orders, define delivery lead times, communicate directly with their customers, and easily add items and change prices in real time on their Mercato storefront. The platform also enables grocers to access product and pricing analytics to determine trends and manage inventory. 

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