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Marsh Supermarkets to Offer Hunting and Fishing Licenses

INDIANAP0LIS -- In cooperation with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, most Marsh Supermarket stores in the state are offering hunting and fishing licenses from a computer-based system that takes less than two minutes to issue a license, Marsh Supermarkets, Inc. said yesterday.

The licenses are now available at 42 Marsh Supermarkets, 15 LoBill Food stores, and one Arthur's Fresh Market. All licenses except lifetime permits can be purchased.

"The great advantage of this system is that it is capable of producing a license at anytime during store hours in less than two minutes," said Don E. Marsh, chairman and c.e.o. of Marsh Supermarkets, Inc., in a statement. "This is very important in quickly serving customers during peak times and seasons. We are proud that Indiana is the first state to use a complete automated system for selling licenses, and Marsh is pleased to be among the very first Indiana retailers to offer the system."

Marsh noted that since stores will be selling licenses from an electronic inventory, buyers would not experience shortages or need to search for a store with a particular license in stock. Purchasers also can buy multiple licenses at one time.
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