Mariano’s, BrightFarms Form Partnership

Roundy’s Supermarket banner Mariano’s and BrightFarms have teamed to deliver year-round local produce to the upscale chain’s Chicagoland stores.

New York-based BrightFarms will finance, build, and operate a state-of-the-art hydroponic greenhouse in Chicago, thereby increasing Mariano’s already wide offering of locally grown produce, as well as creating permanent green-collar jobs, reducing transportation of produce items often shipped cross-country and improving the environmental impact of the food supply chain.

Going Local

“We have made a strong commitment to using locally grown produce from farmers across the three states in which Roundy’s operates,” noted Donald G. Fitzgerald, group VP and chief merchandising officer of Milwaukee-based Roundy’s.

BrightFarms, which is in the midst of  upgrading its Pennsylvania greenhouse that supplies local partners McCaffrey’s Market and A&P,  is currently evaluating a number of potential greenhouse sites in Chicago.

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