Manischewitz ‘Kids Edition’ Matzo Products

Includes pizza, s’mores made from matzo

The Manischewitz Co., based in Newark, N.J., is introducing three new “Kids Edition” matzo items in time for Passover, which begins April 10 at sundown. New offerings include S’mores Matzo Kit, which comes complete with four servings’ worth of Manischewitz Mini Matzos, chocolate and marshmallows, with an SRP of $6.99; Manischewitz Matzo Pizza Kit, which features novelty packaging in a box that includes eight triangle-shaped matzos and eight individual pizza sauce packets, with an SRP of $5.99; and My Mini Matzos, with each package containing eight three-by-three-inch mini matzos along with a personalized on-pack coloring activity that doubles as a place card for Seder or any meal.

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