Loblaw Unveils DNA-traceable Beef

Canada’s largest supermarket chain, Loblaw Cos. Ltd., is using IdentiGEN's DNA-based traceability process to guarantee origins and improve eating quality of its Canada AAA Western Beef. The product is being launched in 77 Real Canadian Superstore locations in Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Last May, Loblaw became the first Canadian grocer to assure beef quality with DNA TraceBack when it introduced Certified Ontario Cornfed Beef with DNA TraceBack in Loblaw stores in Ontario.

Similar to Certified Ontario Cornfed Beef, which comes from family farms in Ontario, Loblaw's cut from Canada AAA Western Beef is raised by family farmers in the heart of Western Canada's cattle country, which is home to 68,000 beef farms and responsible for 85 percent of Canada's beef production.

'Meat Traceability Increasingly Important'

“Loblaw sees traceability of its meats as increasingly important as consumers seek more information on how and where their meat is produced," said Sal Baio, Loblaw's SVP. "DNA information is gathered along the production chain, enabling us to identify the origin for any cut of Canada AAA Western Beef. This not only assures customers that this beef is sourced in Western Canada and raised according to our strict protocols, but also helps capture data to drive quality improvement."

Baio says the move is fitting with Loblaw Cos.' commitment to sourcing with integrity while supporting local, regional and national Canadian producers to help build a sustainable food system. Further, he adds, the company recognizes and continues to see a preference from its customers seeking high-quality Canadian produced products that are priced competitively.

IdentiGEN Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of IdentiGEN, Ltd., is a leading provider of DNA-based solutions to the agriculture and food industries. Through IdentiGEN’s DNA TraceBack system, retailers, meat processors, producers and local governments, for the first time, have the tools to unequivocally trace meat back to its source.

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