Little Debbie Valentine’s Day Products

2 vanilla-flavored treats join seasonal lineup
Little Debbie Valentine's Day Lineup Main Image

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, McKee Foods, maker of the iconic Little Debbie brand – the No. 1 brand in the baked sweet goods category, representing a third of the snack cake market – has rolled out two additions to its seasonal lineup, accompanied by a loveable packaging refresh: Little Debbie Vanilla Mini Donuts and Big Pack Valentine Cakes – Vanilla. Bite-sized Vanilla Mini Donuts are coated in light pink frosting and decorated with a white icing pattern, while heart-shaped Big Pack Valentine Cakes  Vanilla are more generously sized, individually wrapped, and topped with light-pink frosting and a white icing stripe pattern. The refreshed packaging graphics celebrating this lovers’ holiday showcase a modern, heartwarming aesthetic through such details as light-teal backgrounds and endearing pink paper cutout hearts. A six-count Big Pack Valentines Cakes – Vanilla box retails for a suggested $4.99, and a bag of Mini Donuts: goes for a suggested $2.59. All other items in the Valentine’s Day lineup come in family packs retailing for a suggested $2.79 each. Little Debbie is a brand of McKee Foods.

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