Kroger Urges Shoppers to 'Brown Bag' It With Grains

The Kroger Co.'s family of stores is participating in an ongoing fall promotion sponsored by the Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) that's focused on encouraging consumers to brown bag their lunches.

Beginning this week, all of the Cincinnati-based grocer's supermarkets will feature high visibility in-store merchandising elements, including floor decals in the bread and paper products aisles, as well as in-store radio spots. Other elements of the campaign include a free-groceries-for-a-year giveaway, as well as an online cost and calorie savings calculator.

The promotion is also being supported with banner advertising featured on Web sites such as,,, and

Boston-based GFF is also running full-page ads in the October, November, and December issues of Cooking Light magazine. The advertising component of the campaign drives consumers to a dedicated Web site -- -- to track their financial and caloric savings. Additionally, GFF has enlisted Kate Gosselin of TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" to provide brown-bagging tips that help make it easy for moms to pack healthy, affordable, satisfying lunches.

"Grains are an ideal choice at lunch since they provide much-needed energy and sustenance to make it through the day," said Judi Adams, GFF president. "Plus grain foods such as sandwiches, pretzels, crackers and granola bars are convenient, delicious and portable, making them brown bag-friendly."
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