Job-Matching App Adds New Features During Hiring Crunch

Latest version of Landed helps employers find and communicate with candidates and track hiring progress
Lynn Petrak, Progressive Grocer
Job-Matching App Adds New Features during Hiring Crunch
The recently-updated Landed is a mobile app that connects local employers with retail and food workers.

As labor woes around the country escalate, the Landed app that connects local employers with hourly retail and food workers has been updated.

The app now includes an AI-powered chat, through which conversations can be managed within the app and over text message to better engage and update potential employees. Also new is an interview interface that helps employers track past and future candidate information and automatically schedule interviews via phone, video or in-person.

Other improvements are aimed at streamlining the hiring process. For example, through a new insights dashboard on the employer app, human resources directors at the headquarters level can monitor hiring processes by store location. In addition, a multi-channel messaging feature manages all communications within the apps, including MMS/SMS text, email and push notifications. Messaging can be customized at the candidate and employer level.

The Landed app already links candidates with employers through an AI-based intelligent matching technology. While potential employees can set up video profiles and look for nearby open positions, hiring managers can find suitably matched candidates, organize their candidate pipeline and communicate with potential workers.

"Even with restrictions lifting post-COVID, restaurants and food businesses are still struggling because of the hiring crisis," said Vivian Wang, founder and CEO. "Landed gives customers a major advantage over other businesses competing for the best workers in the same pool of available candidates. The new technology features we've added to the app will help make the hiring process more efficient for general managers who are pressed for time and understaffed."

Since its launch in 2020, the Landed mobile app has helped clients including California-based retailers Grocery Outlet and Super King Markets fill positions during a period of intense labor challenges and change. 

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