InComm Rolls Out Healthy Food Card

InComm Rolls Out Healthy Food Card
InComm's brand-new Healthy Foods Incentive Program allows health plans to provide members with cards they can use to buy nutritious foods at a discount

Payments and technology services provider InComm has launched the Healthy Foods Incentive Program, which allows health plans to develop a targeted program that makes nutritious foods more accessible at retail, including food retailers Dollar General, Family Dollar, H-E-B and Walmart. Through the program, health plans give their members restricted-spend cards loaded with incentive dollars that can only be used to purchase healthy foods.

Incentive dollars loaded on a Healthy Food Card can be used solely to buy items from a curated catalog including such items as fruits and vegetables. The program also offers exclusive discounts and savings for health care products and services.

“We developed the Healthy Food Card at the request of our health plan partners so they can more easily help members purchase the foods they need to live healthier lives,” explained Brian Parlotto, EVP of Atlanta-based InComm. “Healthier members tend to spend less on health care themselves and cost less for the plan (not to mention the many mental and physical benefits of a healthier lifestyle), making this program a win-win proposition all around.”

The company’s health care business serves millions of health plan members through its OTC Network Product Suite, which features supplemental benefit and wellness incentive cards that aim to attract, engage and retain health plan members while driving them to retail stores or ecommerce sites.

In related news, Minneapolis-based Solutran’s Healthy Savings program, which provides savings on healthier products for staples like whole grains, lean meats, fresh produce and yogurt, has already been adopted by such grocers as Acme, Ahold Delhaize USA, Butera Market, Piggly Wiggly’s Midwest locations and Woodman’s.  

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