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How Grocery Retailer Flink Takes the Fast Lane to Transform Online Business




German online supermarket Flink, with a presence in France, Germany, and the Netherlands, has revolutionized the grocery shopping experience with faster and more efficient delivery through technology and strategic distribution. With hubs in key locations and improved automation, Flink ensures accurate and speedy deliveries to meet customer expectations.

Flink, founded in 2021, has already managed $400 million in revenue in its second year, thanks to its fast customer service, constant technological updates and commitment to sustainability. Operating purely online via app and website, Flink bases its decision-making entirely on data, and has worked with Oracle technology to further support its path to success.

With improved automation and visibility, Flink can better track inventory across its hubs and distribution centers to meet customer expectations for fast, accurate deliveries.
Discover how Flink transformed its business to deliver stellar service while protecting margins.

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