Hiller’s Markets to Host Gluten-Free Food Fair

A leader in gluten-free grocery retailing, Hiller’s Markets will host a gluten-free food fair Oct. 18 at its Plymouth, Mich., store.

A leader in providing an extensive variety of gluten-free products, Hiller’s regularly hosts gluten-free food fairs, which draw shoppers from miles around to sample new products, learn from vendor exhibits, and gain information and support about gluten-free living.

An estimated one in 133 Americans has celiac disease -- an autoimmune disorder that causes the intestine to attack itself in response to wheat, rye and barley -- and many more people are unable to tolerate gluten, the substance that gives bread its crumbly texture.

“It is my priority to give my customers everything they need, all in one place,” said Jim Hiller, CEO of Southfield, Mich.-based Hiller’s Markets. “Imagine learning you cannot eat foods you’ve always enjoyed, and then realizing you’ll have to drive to many stores to get the groceries you need -- or worse, search the Internet for items you can’t find in a store.”

Offering what Hiller says is the most extensive selection of gluten-free items in metro Detroit, the grocer, which operates seven stores in the area, uses gluten-free shelf tags to identify the products in every aisle. Hiller’s also stocks a growing array of foods for customers with nut, dairy and wheat allergies, as well as those who follow a kosher diet, along with an impressive array of British and Japanese foods.
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