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Henry's Farmers Market to Hire Up to 220 Employees for Two New Stores

GILBERT, Ariz. -- Henry's Farmers Market, Wild Oats' fresh foods grocery store, plans to hire up to 220 full- and part-time employees for its new stores here in the Gilbert Commons shopping center and Mirador Square shopping center. Both stores are scheduled to open in late March.

The job fair will be held on Feb. 10, 11, and 12.

Additionally, applicants can apply in person at the Henry's Farmers Market stores. Henry's is hiring during the next two months to ensure that the new stores are fully staffed for their grand openings in March. Positions are available across all levels of expertise, ranging from produce clerks and cashiers, to assistant managers.

"We do hold job fairs for all of our new store openings and we find them to be very successful," Krista Coleman, Wild Oats spokeswoman told Progressive Grocer. "Wild Oats and Henry's will often move a store director from a nearby store to run a new store. We find this to be beneficial to a new store since the director is already knowledgeable about the industry, the company's standards and mission, and our customers."

"We look for employees with diverse and varied backgrounds whose life experiences, interest in healthy lifestyles, and understanding of great customer service can benefit our customers," said Jim Nielson, director of operations for Henry's Farmers Market in Arizona.

Both stores are scheduled to opening on Wednesday, March 30

The new Gilbert Henry's stores are state of the art in terms of their use of recycled materials and environmentally sustainable systems, while at the same time offering customers the down-to-earth feel of a true farmers market, according to Coleman.

Both stores will have the following departments:

Produce -- Henry's Farmers Market offers an abundant selection of more than 350 varieties of conventional and organic fruits and vegetables, delivered fresh from the field daily.

Grocery, Frozen & Dairy -- Grocery aisles and freezers filled with the highest quality all-natural food to support healthy lifestyles – including one wall devoted to frozen foods.

Bulk Foods -- Bins filled with wholesome grains, pastas, seeds, nuts and kernels, fresh coffees, all-natural baking essentials, natural snacks, mixes, and candy.

Vitamins & Healthy Living -- An assortment of all-natural vitamins, supplements, homeopathic remedies, all-natural bodycare, books, and other informational resources in an open, educational environment. Henry's also offers an ongoing calendar of health screenings and consultations, educational events and seminars, complete with on-site experts to answer customer questions.

Deli -- A full-service deli featuring fresh salads, made-to-order sandwiches and grab-n-go items.

Fresh Meat & Seafood -- Quality selection of all-natural fresh meat and seafood. No added chemicals, artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives.

Beer & Wine -- Henry's Gilbert stores will offer beer and wines made with all-natural ingredients.

Bakery -- Smell the aroma of fresh baked breads, pies, muffins, cookies and more, made with all-natural ingredients.

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