Heinen's Fine Foods to Support Certified Humane Foods

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Regional grocer Heinen's Fine Foods said yesterday it plans to expand its offerings of meat, poultry, dairy, and egg products that are Certified Humane under the Certified Humane Raised and Handled program administered by the nonprofit organization Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC).

"We support the Certified Humane program because it is aligned with our values as a company," said Tom Heinen, who works directly with many of the store's meat suppliers. "We believe in treating all of our business partners with respect, and we extend this same respect to the animals that provide us with food."

A family-owned business since 1929, Heinen's has 16 stores in northeastern Ohio. Heinen's became the second U.S. food retailer to formally support Certified Humane products, following New York City retailer D'Agostino Supermarkets, which embraced the Certified Humane program earlier this year.

Since HFAC's program was unveiled in May 2003, more than 56 companies have been certified. The Certified Humane Raised and Handled label certifies that a meat, poultry, egg, or dairy product has been produced according to HFAC's precise standards for humane farm animal treatment. Animals must receive a nutritious diet without antibiotics or hormones, and must be raised with shelter, resting areas, and space sufficient to support natural behavior.
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