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Healthnotes Program Boosts Shopper Satisfaction, Storewide Sales: Research

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- According to the results of an in-store test conducted at Martin's Super Markets here by independent firm Wisner Marketing Group, Inc. (WMG), Healthnotes' "Fresh Ideas" program drives incremental sales and shopper satisfaction. The test showed that almost 70 percent of Martin's shoppers made a purchase right after using the Healthnotes Fresh Ideas center, and more than half of the users interviewed agreed that the kiosk itself was a reason to shop at the grocer.

"Fresh Ideas" program is a kiosk-centered marketing program that provides shoppers with recipes from publications such as EatingWell magazine, in addition to seasonally relevant health, wellness, and lifestyle information for departments including meat and seafood, produce, wine, pharmacy, and nutrition. The kiosk facilitates purchases by allowing users to create shopping lists and print recipes while at the store. Links within the program make it easy to for customers to access suggested wine pairings for each recipe, as well as food preparation and healthy eating tips.

"The main thing is that we are providing a valuable service to our customers," said Amy Simeri McClellan, market research supervisor for Martin's Super Markets, in a statement. "The fact that Healthnotes also helps us take advantage of the growth in health andwellness and drives basket size is a bonus. We truly believe our shoppers leave the store feeling better about shopping at Martin's, which is clearly a big win for us."

Libertyville, Ill.-based WMG conducted the study in three Martin's Super Markets during the 4th quarter of 2007, interviewing a total of 257 shoppers, including previous kiosk users, first-time users, and nonusers. After each interview, shoppers received a cash coupon, which was used to match their purchases to their Martin's Advantage Card history. The firm also interviewed 15 Martin's store employees in various positions and departments were also interviewed.

Among the key findings:

-- Two-thirds of customers said that they had purchased items based on the information they found on the Healthnotes kiosk (66.5%).

-- Customers using the kiosk made total purchases averaging 39 percent higher than non-users.

-- Incremental purchases occurred in almost every store department.

-- 97.3 percent of users said they had or would recommend the kiosk to others.

-- Over half of users said that the kiosk was itself a reason to shop at Martin's.

-- 73 percent of interviewed employees said the program helps save them time while providing customer service.

-- 87 percent of employees believe that offering Healthnotes is a competitive advantage for Martin's.

"The results of this study build on a solid foundation of evidence that well-designed, interactive shopper marketing programs work, especially when coupled with the powerful trends in wellness," said Dr. Skye Lininger, president and c.e.o. of Portland, Ore.-based Healthnotes.

Martin's McClellan and Healthnotes v.p. marketing Jeff Seacrist will jointly present a report, "Health and Wellness: No Longer a Market Niche," at the NGA Supermarket Synergy Showcase in Las Vegas today. At the session Healthnotes will shave proven strategies for wellness marketing and Martin's will discuss tactics it's using to build its wellness brand, including "Fresh Ideas" and the results of the above study. Attendees will receive a copy of the case study and the educational guide, "Healthy Profits: 5 Successful Strategies for Wellness Marketing." The case study and guide are also available by contacting [email protected].
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