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Healthnotes Introduces 'Foodnotes' Version of EasyAnswers Touchscreen Kiosk

PORTLAND, Ore. - To help supermarkets offer an interactive resource on food, nutrition, and recipes in-store, Healthnotes, Inc. (HNI) today announced the launch of the Foodnotes EasyAnswers Touchscreen kiosk.

The kiosk was specifically designed for location in food departments, featuring food- and recipe-related graphics on the steel enclosure, and is configured to run one of the three Foodnotes applications from HNI: Foodnotes Grocery, Foodnotes Meat & Seafood, and Foodnotes Fresh Produce.

"Supermarkets are in a unique position to provide consumers with both the products and information they need to make healthy lifestyle choices," said Schuyler Lininger, HNI president and c.e.o. "Healthnotes is excited to offer supermarket retailers two versions of the EasyAnswers Touchscreen, one for food-related departments, such as produce or meat and seafood, and one for health-related departments, such as pharmacy. Both options help supermarkets provide an engaging, consumer-friendly resource in-store."

The EasyAnswers Touchscreen kiosk, originally launched in January 2004, was designed specifically for retail use and features eye-catching visuals and built-in user instructions. The kiosk is a "plug-and-play" unit that's easy for retailers to install and maintain.

The three Foodnotes applications from HNI include comprehensive, easy-to-understand information on more than 450 foods, as well as nutrition, healthy eating, special diets, weight control, and more. All three applications also offer hundreds of tasty, healthy recipes that shoppers can print in-store free of charge.
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