Hartman Group, Food Institute Hosting Label-reading Webinar

The Hartman Group and The Food Institute will host a one-hour Webinar on March 26 featuring findings from Hartman Group's latest report, "Label Reading from a Consumer Perspective." The report finds that 54 percent of consumers consider themselves "frequent" label readers, and that 28 percent of consumers read labels "much more frequently" today than last year.

"What consumers look for on package labels varies depending on the lens through which they approach a product," notes Joelle Chizmar, v.p., communications & interactive services at The Hartman Group in Bellevue, Wash., in a statement. "Participants will come away knowing which printed elements of food and beverage package labeling are most and least important to consumers."

The Webinar will clearly define label reading from a consumer perspective and the lifestyle elements that lead to a consumer's interest in label reading. The presentation will also identify the awareness, trust, and understanding of 13 symbols and icons encompassing the worlds of health and wellness, nutrition, ethical consumption and sustainability. Finally, the Webinar will provide insights for those involved or interested in developing more effective on-package communication and symbols.

During the Webinar Robert Hahn, Esq. of Olsson Frank Weeda Terman Bode Matz PC, will discuss FDA, USDA, and FTC requirements for "fresh," "whole grain," "made in USA," "green," and other claims spotlighted in the study. Hahn will also answer participant questions on food labeling.

The findings in "Label Reading from a Consumer Perspective" are culled from the results of a survey conducted by Hartman Interactive in October 2007, with a sample size of 819.

The Hartman Group, Inc. is a full-service consulting and market research firm offering a wide range of services and products specializing on the health-and-wellness markets.

The Food Institute is an Elmwood Park, N.J.-based nonprofit organization dedicated to food industry issues.
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