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Harps Turns to AI to Optimize Inventory, Replenishment

Partnership with Upshop helping grocer deploy tech in center store and fresh
Emily Crowe, Progressive Grocer
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Harps is streamlining its fresh and center store operations thanks to a partnership with Upshop.

In an effort to give its customers the freshest and most satisfying shopping experience possible, Harps Food Stores, Inc. has partnered with Upshop to deploy the technology provider’s inventory and replenishment optimization solution throughout its center store and fresh operations.

Upshop’s automated, artificial intelligence (AI)-based replenishment product Magic will help Harps streamline its merchandising operations, enhance its IT footprint and consolidate various functions into a single solution spanning the entire store. Key benefits for the grocer and its associates include optimized assortment, consistent merchandising execution, maximized freshness and simplified workflows.

According to David Ganoung, SVP and chief marketing officer at Harps, Upshop’s solution will help the grocer tackle several primary concerns, including right-sizing both high-velocity and low-velocity products, as well as dealing with staffing challenges and associate turnover both in-store and at the warehouse level. 

“As the transition of staff in the store continues to be an ongoing challenge, you just don’t have the same experience that you used to,” he explained. To that end, having the technology and data to generate orders and be more accurate versus just following gut instincts has become incredibly important.

“We’re in the early stages, but we’re excited about the potential of what it has to offer for us,” Ganoung said.

Shamus Hines, CEO of Upshop, also expressed excitement about the collaboration, saying, “Our platform is designed to deliver more with less – more sales, more margin, with less on-hand inventory and time spent by associates managing orders. We’re proud to support Harps Food Stores in achieving these objectives.”

Upshop’s AI-based solution was also recently rolled out at SpartanNash, which is utilizing the technology to help store associates enhance merchandising effectiveness and concurrently reduce waste by right-sizing assortments.

Founded in 1930, Harps runs 147 stores across Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana and Kansas.

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