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Grown Folks

1st Black-, mom-, female-owned brand to enter hard-seltzer segment
Grown Folk Hard Seltzer Main Image

As Juneteenth celebrations approach, grocers can consider stocking Grown Folks, the first black-, mom-and female-owned brand in the hard-seltzer segment. Founded by seasoned entrepreneur Danica Dias, Grown Folks celebrates the rich cultural heritage of soul food and the joy of gathering together. The brand offers three unique 6% ABV hard-seltzer flavors – Peach Cobbler, Ambrosia and Key Lime – crafted with real fruit juice and fermented sugar, along with a premium craft beer, Front Porch, an American light lager. A Hard Seltzer Variety Pack featuring two 12-fluid-ounce cans of each variety retails for a suggested $14.99, as does a 6-pack of 12-fluid-ounce cans of the beer.

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