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Grocery Logistics Startup EasyBins Gets a Lift

$2M in new funding will be used to expand footprint in suburban markets
Lynn Petrak, Progressive Grocer
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Grocery logistics startup EasyBins is using new investment funds to grow in suburban markets in the Midwest and Southeast.

A new round of funding is making it easier for grocery logistics startup EasyBins to grow its business. The fresh influx of $2 million in seed money will allow the company to expand its staff and geographic reach as it helps shoppers source groceries from local stores and have them delivered by one driver in a temperature-controlled bin.

The multi-store shopping capability distinguishes the Fayetteville, Ark.-based EasyBins as a grocery service. According to company information, more than 60% of its orders include items from more than one store and are fulfilled at “underserved” times of the day.

“Our platform is unique in that it provides an extremely efficient grocery logistics solution to the growing suburban markets where demand for online grocery shopping has skyrocketed but supply has not kept up. We are currently focused on this market because of its size and growth potential,” remarked James Farmer, CEO and founder.

One investor in this latest round of funding agreed that the model has potential. “While other companies are focused on building an online grocery delivery option for urban markets, EasyBins is laser-focused on developing solutions that hits the specific purchase behaviors and shopping patterns of suburban consumers,” said Joe Ehrhardt, CEO of at fintech company Teslar, based in Arkansas. “The startup ecosystem in Arkansas is rapidly expanding and we’re excited to contribute to the maturing of the system with our investment into EasyBins.”

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