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Grocers on Wheels Gain New Traction

Grocers on Wheels Gain New Traction
VendaMarts have entered the food retail space with pre-packaged fresh food products during COVID-19.

Food delivery and e-commerce pickup have taken off during the coronavirus pandemic with many retailers looking for new ways to reach customers whenever and wherever they are at. A solution from Carts Blanche LLC, VendaMarts, is helping large supermarkets, farmers markets, municipalities and entrepreneurs deliver pre-packaged food products into neighborhoods.

The 26-foot robotic markets hold 10 automated machines creating 10 self-serve lines with interchangeable designs that can allow for any combination of vending machines, ATMs, digital signage, TVs and microwaves. 

"VendaMarts mobile robotic micro markets deliver goods and convenience" said Annette Nolan, CEO of Carts Blanche LLC. "Our mobile mini markets offer a fully automated inventory of pre-packaged fresh foods. Fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, butter, breads, drinks, snack items, frozen foods, meals and first aid products can be delivered to neighborhoods, rural areas or housing and business complexes in your city."

VendaMarts can be operated 24/7 and managed remotely in an attempt to combine mobility, automation and technology. The selection of products can be customized to any food retailers or business. 

"Our self-serve mobile businesses are intuitively designed and heavy duty built with a combination of four industries under one roof giving the owner the greatest opportunity for exponential profits within a very small footprint," Nolan said.

VendaMarts are not the first option for food retailers who want to meet customers within the community. The Kroger Co. has its Mobile Marketplace, which has visited several neighborhoods, and retailers such as Southeastern Grocers LLC have embraced mobile food pantries to help those in need. 

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