Goya Opens DC in Va. To Help Mid-Atlantic Expansion

SECAUCUS, N.J. -- Goya Foods here, a major distributor of Latin American food products, has opened a 109,000-square-foot warehouse distribution facility in Virginia's Prince George County, which it said is in response to the Mid-Atlantic region's increasing demand for Latin American food.

Goya will deliver products used in Mexican and Central American cuisine to Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Those products are the Hispanic foods in highest demand for the market.
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The company has also bought land to accommodate plans to expand the DC to 140,000 square feet.

Goya is the United States' largest Hispanic-owned food company. Goya manufactures, packages, and distributes more than 1,200 food products, including canned and dry-packaged beans, rice and rice mixes, nectars, seasonings, and authentic Latin specialties.
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