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Gopuff, CitrusAd Announce New Platform for Ad Placement

Gopuff Ad Solutions performed well in pilot with major CPGs
Lynn Petrak, Progressive Grocer
Gopuff, CitrusAd Announce New Platform for Ad Placement
Gopuff announced its integration into CitrusAd’s retail media platform to offer new Gopuff Ad Solutions.

It’s been a busy week for Gopuff, which is rolling out Gopuff Ad Solutions, a new platform powered by CitrusAd designed to help partners plan, buy, measure and manage their ads on Gopuff. The news comes at the same time that the Philadelphia, Pa.-based Gopuff announced a partnership with Skai to better reach consumers and grow e-commerce.

The new Gopuff Ad Solutions, which was pilot tested with campaigns for PepsiCo, Mars, Wrigley, Kraft Heinz and Unilever, allows brands to run more personalized campaigns both online and via the Gopuff app. Brands can engage Gopuff customers right at the point of purchase with sponsored product, search and display ads as they shop on Gopuff. Because Gopuff owns its inventory and supply chain, ads are only shown to shoppers who can have that item delivered to them via the company’s micro-fulfillment center. In turn, brands can target Gopuff customers 24/7 and target high-intent customers as they browse and scroll.

According to information from CitrusAd, the last week of the in-app pilot led to an average 3.1x return on customers’ ad spend across more than a thousand products in several categories. The top 25% of campaigns saw more than a tenfold return their ad buy.

“By unifying supply chain, inventory, and merchandise with a powerful advertising platform, brands can now optimize and measure ad campaigns with an unprecedented amount of knowledge of product availability and consumer response,” said Daniel Slotwiner, VP of measurement and insights for Gopuff.

Added David Haase, chief revenue officer at CitrusAd: “We are in a digital era where savvy ecommerce leaders, like Gopuff, can help brands leverage first party data to effortlessly transform category, shopper and SKU level insights into sales growth with our technology.”

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