Up to Good Energy

Up to Good Energy Beverage Line Main Image

Joining the ranks of environmentally and ethically sustainable products is Up to Good Energy. The line of mindfully caffeinated sparkling pops is crafted from upcycled cascara – also known as coffee fruit – the fleshy fruit surrounding the coffee bean. In traditional coffee farming, the beans are harvested for roasting, but the surrounding coffee fruit is discarded once it’s separated from the beans, contributing to food waste and harming the environment by allowing mountains of coffee fruit to rot in landfills and potentially poison water sources. Up to Good Energy harnesses this naturally clean caffeine source, offering 70 milligrams of the stimulant per can, the equivalent of one cup of coffee. The caffeine from cascara is also higher in antioxidants and other nutrients that may boost brain memory and alertness. Up to Good Energy sources its cascara from small coffee farmers in Central America who practice sustainable agriculture. Available in three flavors – Cascara Mint, Lemon Ginger and Hibiscus Berry – the low-calorie beverage is plant-based, gluten-free and non-GMO, and contains no added sugars, with only 5 grams of naturally occurring fruit sugar. The suggested retail price is $3.49 per 12-fluid-ounce can of any flavor.

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