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GMDC Launches E-Learning Solution

Global Market Development Center (GMDC) is working with LearnSomething, Inc. to provide GMDC member companies with the LearnSomething "Prepare to Sell" (PTS) programs, designed specifically to improve the service skills and product and category knowledge of employees serving retail customers, and increase consumer basket size.

These General Merchandise PTS programs include the Store Level program for staff and the new Category Buying and Merchandising Level PTS program, "Product Category Certification," for buyers and category managers.

"The PTS Store Level and PTS 'Product Category Certification' programs will offer GMDC retail member in-store sales personnel, category buyers, and merchandisers strong new tools to help them be better at their business, be more knowledgeable and effective with their respective categories, and meet consumer needs in an even stronger way," said GMDC president and c.e.o. David McConnell.

For health and beauty categories, GMDC members will now have access to 37 Store Level training programs ranging from analgesics to vitamins, and cosmetics to sun care. Programs for general merchandise categories are in development.

Store Level programs provide retail employees with three customer service components: Customer Interaction Skills, from greeting customers to completing the interaction; Product Category Knowledge, building product solutions for customer needs; and a Product Information Database, viewing product information and images selected by the retailer.

PTS "Product Category Certification" was designed to expand the expertise of buyers and category managers in each general merchandising product category, to improve their ability to forecast consumer demand, and to design strategic marketing and merchandising programs that optimize organizational resources and build customer value.

"These new training programs build on the strong suite of e-learning programs already offered by GMDC, which focus on the professional development of the employees of our members," said Keith Wypyszynski, v.p. of business development and c.m.o. "These new courses offered through the 'Prepare to Sell' and 'Product Category Certification' programs broaden the range of training GMDC members receive, widening the reach to both category buyers and in-store personnel. GMDC develops all its new programs from member feedback and the association will continue adding training that our members have requested."
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