Getting a Grip on Safety with Easy-Open Packaging

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Getting a Grip on Safety with Easy-Open Packaging



Thanks to easy-open packaging innovations, retailers and consumers can access meat and cheese products without requiring sharp tools, strong muscles or frustration – or exposure to safety risks that can occur with tightly-sealed formats.

Sealed Air’s landmark Cryovac Grip & Tear® vacuum bag packaging enables users to open select fresh red meat, poultry, smoked and processed meat, and deli meat and cheese products by pulling a convenient exterior tab. As a result, both retail workers and consumers no longer need knives or tools to reach sealed items, virtually eliminating a common injury source.

Any reduction in the need for the use of sharp items by retail foodservice, deli, back-of-house and butcher teams has the potential to significantly improve safety and productivity within what have traditionally been the most injury-susceptible departments. Additionally, by keeping fingers, tools and counters clean, easy-open packaging reduces cross-contamination risks, helping safeguard both workers and the customers they serve from foodborne illness.

With the June 2014 release of its Cryovac Grip & Tear® Small Tab bag, Sealed Air has expanded these safety enhancing benefits from behind the meat and deli cases directly into consumers’ hands. Designed for small-portion, retail-friendly deli cheeses and smoked and processed meats, consumers accustomed to turning to knives and tools to open challenging packaging can now do so with one quick pull. This format functionality enables consumers of all ages to enjoy their favorite deli products in a safer, simpler manner.

Beyond these safety benefits, retailers can leverage the easy-open vacuum bag for improved presentation and quality on branded and private-label packaged products, ultimately maintaining brand image while delivering a stronger package to customers. Cryovac Grip & Tear® vacuum packaging offers superior shrink and toughness without compromising its oxygen barrier to enhance freshness and performance. Through a reinforced, skin-tight vacuum seal and the elimination of tool and knife use, the package also shields products from puncturing and scoring. This measure adds another layer of product quality preservation for end-users.  

To learn more about Sealed Air’s Cryovac Grip & Tear® vacuum bag, and Sealed Air’s entire line of convenience packaging technologies, visit or  

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