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FMI Ushers In Virtual Midsummer 2020 Event

FMI Ushers In Virtual Midsummer 2020 Event
The FMI Midsummer Strategic Executive Exchange is the trade organization's response to the business disruption caused by COVID-19

Since the coronavirus has significantly disrupted the way that the food industry and its trading partners do business, FMI – The Food Industry Association is debuting a virtual trading partner program like its highly successful Strategic Executive Exchanges. The FMI Midsummer Strategic Executive Exchange will aim to accelerate business recovery and streamline supply chain collaboration.

“COVID-19 has provided FMI members a vivid reminder of the need for enhanced communications and planning, and has proven that agility and speed are the new normal as companies seek to stabilize their business operations and better prepare for a future filled with unknowns,” noted Leslie Sarasin, president and CEO of Arlington, Va.-based FMI. “To help facilitate addressing these industry needs, I am pleased to announce a unique, virtual, strategic opportunity for trading partner collaboration to identify, prioritize and address the industry’s most pressing business issues.”

FMI Midsummer 2020 will be open to FMI members from retail, wholesale, consumer products companies, as well as to suppliers of food, beverage and nonfood products. The agenda will kick off with a keynote address on Tuesday, July 7, will run over the course of eight business days to allow for flexibility, with 48 possible meeting time slots available through a collaborative technology platform. The menu of meeting windows enables retailers and suppliers to choose the dates, times and number of meetings that best meet their schedules and needs during the event.

“The possibility of focused private online meetings with multiple company teams over the course of a few days is an excellent opportunity for trading partners to regroup, discuss business challenges, opportunities and anticipate post-pandemic shifting consumer shopping behaviors,” said Mark Baum, FMI’s SVP, industry relations and chief collaboration officer.

The program also offers business continuity and complements the forthcoming FMI Annual Business Conference (ABC), slated for Sept. 13-16, and the marquee association event, the FMI Midwinter Executive Conference.

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