FMI to Release New Research on Recession's Impact at Retail

The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) will release its latest research on how the recession impacts consumer shopping at the supermarket, and how that behavior affects retailer sales and operations, at the FMI Future Connect conference in Dallas on May 4 through May 6, 2009.

Leslie G. Sarasin, FMI president and CEO, will present two reports -- FMI's "U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends 2009" and "The Food Retailing Industry Speaks 2009" -- during a special session at Future Connect, The Food Retailing Industry Speaks, on Monday, May 4, at 1:15 p.m.

U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends 2009
Today's consumer is enormously focused on price and value. The "Trends 2009" report will provide insights into the extent to which this new thriftiness is impacting grocery shopping, trip frequency and, ultimately, spending. The survey covers money-saving measures in great depth, including a wide range of measures both pre-trip and in the store. Do they purchase meal solutions as a replacement to eating out at restaurants? What do they think of private brand products? How important is it to purchase food from local sources?

Many also fear the negative impact of the recession on health and wellness. "Trends" will address shoppers' interest in products that promote good health and nutrition, and the extent to which they are succeeding in eating healthfully.

The food recalls of the past year have tested consumer confidence in the nation's food supply. FMI research will show whether consumers think the food they buy in supermarkets and restaurants is safe, and whom they trust to sell safe products. Those answers and more will be available in the latest "Trends" survey.

The Food Retailing Industry Speaks 2009
The "Speaks" report will detail sales, same-store sales and profits for the retail food industry, and feature an in-depth analysis of profit leaders. "Speaks" will provide retailer insights about private brands and the advertising changes they are making due to the recession. The presentation also will look at the sustainability strategies retailers are putting in place and how they are incorporating health-and-wellness initiatives throughout the store.

Future Connect
Future Connect, a conference devoted to developing industry leaders who will navigate the complex and challenging future, will feature three educational tracks. The tracks -- operations, executive and senior executive -- will bring peers together to focus on strategic planning, mentoring, managing diversity, team building and maintaining work-life balance. The highly interactive format mixes strategically focused general sessions with hands-on, university-style case studies and work groups.

After the conference, attendees will continue to build their leadership skills through ongoing educational opportunities leading up to additional leadership sessions at future FMI conventions and educational conferences. For more information, visit
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