Flexible Specialty Displays

Hussmann Corp., a St. Louis-based manufacturer of refrigerated and frozen food merchandising equipment, added its new Q3 meat and bakery cases to its Q line of flexible, upscale specialty display cases for supermarkets.

“With Q, retailers can create unique store departments that make foods look irresistible, helping them catch the attention of shoppers and increase sales,” said Robert Mullen, business leader for Hussmann Specialty Products. “What distinguishes Q from other display cases is its uniqueness and merchandising appeal, with rounded wedges, wide-open visibility of food products, and extremely flexible materials, colors, shapes, sizes and accessories.”

Q series display cases were designed to showcase deli products, meats, bakery, seafood, hot foods, prepared foods, and cheeses. They are available in single deck and multi-deck models for both service and self-service applications, and can be used for refrigerated or hot applications. The line offers a range of options and configurations, including curved line-ups, curved or straight front glass, shelving options, and upscale accent materials.
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