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Filippo Berio Pesto Varieties

Brand adds Basil & Ricotta and Truffle to lineup
Filippo Berio Pesto Varieties Main Image

With the aim of driving further category growth, Filippo Berio has added two more varieties to its extensive portfolio of pestos, which spans a variety of flavors, from classic styles featuring traditional Italian basil and olive oil, to pioneering vegan varieties, to roasted vegetable- and tomato-based versions that inspire versatility and creativity in the kitchen. The latest flavors are creamy, delicate Basil & Ricotta Pesto and rich, aromatic Truffle Pesto. Both are crafted in Italy from quality ingredients. Unlike other creamy pestos in the market, the Basil & Ricotta Pesto leads with Italian basil on the ingredient list and omits garlic to enable the herb’s fresh flavor to shine through, while the Truffle Pesto brings the rich flavor of black summer truffles to a range of recipes. With no heating or cooking required, the new products are convenient and highly versatile for any use. A 6.7-ounce jar of Basil & Ricotta Pesto retails for a suggested $3.99, and a same-size jar of the Truffle Pesto has a suggested retail price of $4.99.

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