Fastest to Affix Recyclable Shelf Tags Save Labor

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TwoFer® FastFoldZ Packs provide fast shelf edge labeling reducing in-store labor costs with an Ecological and Economical Tag. The Liner-free Shelf Tags come folded in stacks with die cuts on one side and perforations on the other, holding the pack together as they are quickly applied to the shelf edge.

Comprised of two recyclable back-to-back paper-based tag labels without liner, TwoFer Tags provide film-like performance without curl, even in refrigerated use. When separated, one is left with two unique tags ready to affix to the shelf edge. The tags adhere securely to most shelving types and remove easily when desired. Half the material equates to approximately half the cost of traditional tag material.

Whether a retailer produces tags in-house or has finished tags provided, TwoFer Tags lower in-store marketing costs through the cost of the consumable and store labor while supporting sustainability goals.

TwoFer Tags eliminate the silicone liner, landfill waste, allow for twice the usable product per pound, and reduce retailers’ carbon footprints. Half the raw material is used with printed product on both sides. Duplex printing in a single pass cuts production throughput time and energy used. Half the weight to ship reduces transportation and fossil fuel usage.