Energy Drinks Sales Poise to Surpass $9 Billion by 2011: Study

NEW YORK -- Energy drinks such as the popular Red Bull brand, benefiting from burgeoning sales in the noncarbonated beverage segment, are expected to grow at a yearly rate of 12 percent, exceeding $9 billion by 2011, according to "Energy Drinks in the U.S.," a new report from market research publisher Packaged Facts here.

Although energy drinks made up only 2 percent of all nonalcoholic beverages sold in mass-market channels tracked last year[m]up from less than 1 percent in 2004[m]the huge growth experienced of late could continue, driving the products to capture a bigger share of the market, said Packaged Facts.

Since 2002, when total retail sales were just $1.2 billion, the market for energy drinks has soared almost 440 percent overall to an estimated $6.6 billion in 2007. Packaged Facts predicted that convenience will fuel the further success of the segment, with manufacturers adding nutrition, energy, improved taste, pain-killing properties, and anti-aging ingredients into their beverages.

"As more players enter the market, further fragmenting and increasing competition, energy drink marketers will increasingly look to make their products stand out from the pack through taste, sensory cues, and higher-end benefits," said Cathy Minkler, associate editor of Packaged Facts. "Many beverage manufacturers are already blending whey, dairy, and soy to develop healthy, functional, high-protein beverages."

The report follows the evolution of the U.S. energy drink market, and trends affecting the market for everyday drinking. It probes major issues and consumer behaviors affecting the market, and identifies top brands and market players. "Energy Drinks in the U.S." is available at
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