Dr. Oz Backs Better Seafood Board

Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of the top-rated “Doctor Oz Show” on NBC daytime TV has informed viewers that they can find out whether they’re actually getting what they pay for, by ensuring they do business with retailers that source product from the Better Seafood Board (BSB.)

As part of recent “Supermarket Secrets” segment, Dr. Oz interviewed consumer advocate Peter De Lucia of New York state's Westchester County Department of Health, during which concerns about species substitution arose.

Asked what consumers could do to protect against this, De Lucia replied: “You need to talk to your supermarket and see if your supermarket purchases fish from a member of the Better Seafood Board. That board actually strives to make sure there’s proper fish labeling and sell correctly labeled fish to the supermarkets. So you’ve got to speak up. You’ve got to talk to your supermarket, find out where they’re getting their fish. So you get the right fish.”

Also during the broadcast, Dr. Oz noted that the BSB was driving “quality” and making retail establishments “more reputable.”

“Members of the BSB have differentiated themselves from others in the industry,” noted said Lisa Weddig, secretary of the McLean, Va.-based board. "Whether it’s in the Boston Globe, [on] NPR or on a talk show that reaches millions of households every day, more and more, we’re seeing our members highlighted as ones who are doing the right thing.”

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