Dove Ice Cream Lures Grown-ups

Mars Chocolate North America has released the tour schedule for an upcoming no-kids-allowed special-edition Dove Ice Cream truck. Erstwhile teen idol and enduring celebrity Ralph Macchio kicked off the Mars brand’s tour on 28 July in Chicago’s Daley Plaza, with further stops to include Minneapolis and Baltimore.

“Most of us have vivid memories of the ice cream truck,” said Craig Hall, general manager of Hackettstown, N.J.-based Mars Chocolate North America. “Dove Ice Cream is all about enjoying the moment, so we created a one-of-a-kind ice cream truck to help adults relive their childhood, but in a truly decadent, grown-up way.”

Instead of the usual tinny music and screaming customers, the Dove Ice Cream “Your Moment” truck offers free Dove Ice Cream Bars for those at least 18 years old. The truck also provides stress-busting activities to enable adults to decompress, including five-minute massages by a licensed massage therapist, manicures and generation-appropriate music. Visitors can also sample items from a “chocolate bar” stocked with fresh fruit and Dove Brand Chocolate.

“The truck features grownup decadence at its finest,” Hall noted. “And no one will have to chase the adults-only ice cream truck. It'll stop for everyone ... everyone 18 and older, that is.”

For more information about the Dove Ice Cream “Your Moment” tour, including stops and times, consumers can visit

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