Dorothy Lane to Install Biometric Marketing System

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Dorothy Lane to Install Biometric Marketing System

DAYTON, Ohio -- Community-based independent Dorothy Lane Markets plans to launch a biometric marketing and payments solution chainwide by the end of July.

The solution, provided by San Francisco-based Pay By Touch, will be integrated into the retailer's loyalty program, Club DLM, which will be rebranded "Club DLM 2.U."

Members of the upgraded solution can receive personalized offers from a kiosk as they enter the store, using a biometric finger scan or swiping their Club DLM Card. They will also have the option to simply and securely pay directly from their checking accounts by using a finger scan.

"For more than 50 years, DLM stores have made customer service our No. 1 priority, and for more than 12 years, we have been recognizing and rewarding our loyal customers," said Amy Brinkmoeller, director of information services at Dorothy Lane. "With the Pay By Touch enhancement to Club DLM, our shoppers will get extra savings on the products they love, right when they enter the store. Plus checkout will be simpler, faster, and more secure with Pay By Touch, because payment and redemption are automatic."

To use the system, a shopper scans her finger or swipes her DLM Club Card at a kiosk when she enters the store. The kiosk responds with a customized 8 1/2 x 11 printout featuring 10 offers for products that the shopper buys the most, based on past shopping history. At checkout, the shopper scans her finger again for automatic offer redemption and to authorize a direct debit from her checking account.

Upgrading to the new system from Club DLM takes just a couple of minutes and can be done at an in-store kiosk or via Dorothy Lane's Web site.

Other retailers who have adopted Pay By Touch's personalized marketing system are Green Hills Market in New York, Foodtown in New York and New Jersey, and Shop n' Save in Pennsylvania.

Dorothy Lane operates three stores in Ohio, and its innovative marketing approach has drawn visiting grocers from around the country and from as far away as Europe, Japan, and Australia.