Dawn Food Hikes Prices

Dawn Food Products, Inc., one of the world's largest independently owned bakery manufacturers and distributors, is increasing its prices for orders placed on and after July 1.
"We are seeing unprecedented rises in commodity and ingredient markets, along with dramatic increases in general transportation costs, especially diesel fuel," said David Kowal, president of Dawn's U.S. bakery products division. "Floods in the Midwest and other key factors are affecting the supply of corn and corn sweeteners, sugar, soybean, and wheat crops."

Kowal also cited "ever-increasing global demand from China, India, and other Asian countries," as well as crops converted for ethanol and bio-diesel are driving new demand, as having a hand in the price hikes.

"In order to maintain the high quality and service standards our customers have come to expect from Dawn, it has become apparent that we need to raise our prices," said Kowal, noting that Dawn continues to work diligently to effectively manage costs by improving our supply chain management. "We are reviewing all business practices to maximize efficiencies and streamlining our organization to help control costs."

American-owned and family operated, Dawn supplies a line of mixes, bases, icings, glazes, fillings, frozen dough, par-baked, and fully baked products and equipment.
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