Davis Grocery Outlet Recycles Organic Waste

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Davis Grocery Outlet Recycles Organic Waste


Davis Grocery Outlet has teamed up with California Safe Soil to recycle its oganic waste for use in growing fresh, local produce for the benefit of its customers, displacing nitrate fertilizer and helping make the operations of its farm suppliers more sustainable.

CSS is leveraging its proprietary technology to recycle organics from local supermarkets in an environmentally sensitive manufacturing facility, according to the company. In just three hours, the resulting liquid fertilizer (called Harvest-to-Harvest, or H2H), is pasteurized for food safety, stabilized for extended shelf life, and emulsified, for ease of application by farmers through existing farm equipment. CSS has a pilot plant in West Sacramento which is supplied by five major grocery chains in the area, including Davis Grocery Outlet.

According to CSS, the use of H2H can help significantly cut farmers’ use of conventional chemical fertilizers, reducing nitrate runoff into lakes and streams by as much as two-thirds, making it a “win-win” for farmers and the environment, helping farmers address concerns raised by state regulatory agencies to reduce nitrate runoff, and consumer demand for more sustainable farming practices.

CSS provides a full-cycle process to assist grocers in recycling organic waste into a safe, easy to use, low cost, high volume, and high quality fertilizer, H2H.

Ddavis, Calif.-based Davis Grocery Outlet is independently owned and operated by Eric and Shannon Flick and offers extreme bargains on brand name merchandise. The store carries refrigerated and frozen foods, fresh produce, fresh meat, organics, dry groceries, beer and wine, health and beauty care, over-the-counter drugs, household products, toys and gifts, and is part of the Berkeley, Calif.-based Grocery Outlet, Inc., an extreme value grocer with almost 200 locations in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington.