Darigold Belle Coffee Creamer

Product made with real cream and natural flavors
Darigold Belle Coffee Creamers Main Image

Farmer-owned Darigold Inc., one of the nation’s largest dairy producers, has launched the Belle brand of dairy-based coffee creamer made with just five simple ingredients, including real cream. Unlike other well-known coffee creamer brands, Belle Creamers contain no oils or fillers and are lactose-free. The line is available in four indulgent flavors: Vanilla, Sweet Cream, Hazelnut Latte and Caramel. Belle Creamers were created to compete with other premium coffee creamers, which typically have 10 or more ingredients, among them vegetable oils, artificial flavors and fillers, with no real cream at all. The suggested retail price for a 28-fluid-ounce bottle of any variety of Belle Coffee Creamer is $6.99. Darigold is in the midst of a broader effort to grow its business through a recent upgrade of a production facility in Boise, Idaho, and a new plant currently under construction in central Washington state.

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