D'Agostino Prez Named Food Industry Alliance of NYS Chair

D'Agostino Supermarkets president and c.o.o. Nicholas D'Agostino III has been named chair of the Food Industry Alliance of New York State (FIA), formerly the New York State Food Merchants Association. The fourth member and third generation of the D'Agostino family to chair the association, D'Agostino previously served as the trade group's first vice chairman.

Among the challenges facing food retailers in the state, according to D'Agostino, is "Governor [Paterson's support of] expansion of the 'Bottle Law' and the capture of escheats to generate revenue for the state. As chairman, I can assure New York food retailers that FIA will be unwavering in its continued aggressive opposition to 'Bottle' expansion and to the confiscation of unclaimed deposits."

But in spite of the daunting financial situation, D'Agostino also sees an opportunity for wine to be sold in supermarkets, because doing so will raise at least $135 million in first-year revenue for the state without new taxes. "The timing may be right for New York state to join the 35 other states that allow wine sales in supermarkets, and the 70 percent of New Yorkers who have voiced support in our surveys, since this will generate badly needed revenue at no cost to the state's citizens," he noted.

"Having Nick as our chairman gives FIA the distinct advantages of a well-known and well-respected industry leader and New Yorker at the helm," said FIA president Jim Rogers. "FIA is fortunate to have someone of his reputation, vision, and intellect -- especially during this transitional phase in state government."

D'Agostino, who has been involved in the supermarket industry for 25 years and was named to his present position in 2005, is also a member of the National Grocers Association's Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

D'Agostino Supermarket operates 15 stores in Manhattan and three in New York's Westchester County.
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