D'Agostino Launches S&H Greenpoints Chainwide

NEW YORK - D'Agostino Supermarkets launched its "D'AG Rewards with S&H Greenpoints" program yesterday across all of its 22 stores with a huge consumer marketing push that included large window signs, cashiers wearing promotional t-shirts, and Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-based S&H Solutions staffers on hand to field questions about the program.

The system, installed in conjunction with D'Agostino's IBM point-of-sale system implementation, will enable shoppers to earn 10 Greenpoints for each dollar spent, and have their balance of Greenpoints printed on their receipts. Shoppers can redeem their points either by selecting from promoted items in the store, or choosing from hundreds of reward items featured in special print and online catalogs.

"Currently there are three ways in which we distribute rewards in the stores," Nick D'Agostino III, v.p. of corporate administration, told Progressive Grocer during an interview at the chain's 53rd Street location. "First, only Greenpoints members will receive the sale price printed in our fliers. Second, they receive bonus points for purchasing particular items. The third way is that they can give us back points for a reduction on the pricing. We are planning to start continuity programs, but for that we need to wait a few months until the company develops a critical mass of consumer loyalty data from the program."

D'Agostino said his chain has had no programs in place for the past few years. It had tried other loyalty program in the past, but hadn't met with much success, he added. He had decided to go with S&H three years ago, but had to wait until the loyalty solutions provider made sure there was no conflict with nearby Food Town, which runs S&H Greenpoints in The Bronx.

In addition to offering discounts and promotions, members of the D'AG Rewards program can also enroll to cash checks at the store by simply presenting their ID and a rewards card. "This is an added customer convenience that D'Agostino is providing," said S&H Solutions president and c.e.o. Ron Pedersen, who was also present at the store location. "This was a major step in loyalty marketing for D'Agostino, and it will help engage shoppers and enrich their shopping experience."

Although the program was launched in one broad stroke across all 22 stores, neither D'Agostino nor S&H skimped on any details. For example, pointed out Diane Morris, S&H's dir. of marketing, for those consumers who have memberships to many programs and have no more room in their wallet for cards or on their key ring for fobs, the cards also come with bar coded stickers.

"Some customers have already attached the sticker to their wallet, or to the credit card they use for grocery shopping, to make it convenient for them," Morris said.

-- Joseph Tarnowski
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