CPG Company Launches Plant-Based Recyclable PET Packaging

Good Natured's Bio-PET is food safe
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CPG Company Launches Plant-Based Recyclable PET Packaging
Good Natured’s food-safe Bio-PET is a game-changing thermoformed packaging material designed to commingle in the recycling stream.

While retailers, product manufacturers and food producers with sustainable packaging mandates have been limited to choose between petroleum-based, curbside recyclable and plant-based compostable options when it comes to their packaging, Good Natured Products Inc. is providing a different option: plant-based recyclable PET packaging.

A provider of earth-friendly plant-based products, the Canadian company has launched food-safe Bio-PET — a thermoformed packaging material designed to commingle in the recycling stream with petroleum-based packaging. 

Vancouver, British Columbia-based Good Natured offers more than 385 sustainable products and services through wholesale and retail channels, including its own e-commerce stores. Its products combine the latest in plant-based renewable materials, eliminating BPAs, phthalates and other chemicals of concern.

The company's new Bio-PET packagingoption contains:
·  Up to 30% plant-based content;
·  Up to 50% recycled content; and
·  Is readily accepted in curbside recycling programs across both Canada and the United States.

“We’re very happy to announce that we have added Bio-PET to our growing assortment of plant-based products, another critical step in our mission to become North America’s leading earth-friendly product company,” said Paul Antoniadis, CEO of Good Natured. “By securing the North American supply of Bio-PET for thermoformed packaging, we continue to make it easy and affordable by providing the market with the widest possible choice of earth-friendly materials to begin their transition to sustainable plant-based packaging.”

Following the company’s announcement in spring 2020 that it expanded its plant-based materials to include three ingredient families -- fiber, bioplastics and biodegradables -- the Bio-PET material is part of the company’s bioplastics portfolio. Good Natured bioplastics are chemically equivalent to petroleum-based polymers, such as PET #1 and HDPE #2, that are commonly used in plastic packaging applications.

Bio-PET processes, forms and performs identically to PET and can be fully mixed with traditional PET in recycling streams. This new material helps businesses reduce their reliance on fossil fuels without having to consider any changes to their end-of-life or recycling programs.

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